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Welcome to Family Safe Computers. Our goal is to empower parents and adults desiring to keep their family safer online by providing easy to understand information and resources.

If you are looking for information about our popular Internet Safety seminars please contact us directly. We are currently modifying our outreach efforts and will soon be offering a streamlined presentation for teens as well as a revamped version of our traditional parent presentations. This is an exciting time for FSC, so contact us today to schedule a presentation.

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Internet Safety Day

Next year's ISD is September 28th, 2014. Check out to make your pledge and download the updated Free Parent Guide

Internet Safety Day is now recognized by the state of Ohio (ORC 5.2251). Thank You to all our supporters and parents who pledged to talk with their child about online safety!

Take the first step... download the parent guide. It's never too late to talk with your children about online safety. Keep them SAFE! Do it TODAY!


Internet Safety Day
Internet Safety Day