Web Video

The fact that anyone with a video camera or smartphone can record something and post it online for millions to access is very appealing. Web videos have grown over the years and include anything from dancing cats, to fixing your washing machine, to watching a knee replacement. People are turning to personal technology for entertainment and customizing their experience based on what they want to view. Many amateur videos posted online receive pop culture status and are viewed by millions of people.

Unfortunately, many videos also contain sexuality and nudity as well as alcohol use and violence. Some of the web site video services try to remove this material but videos are being posted at such a rapid rate it is almost impossible. Many also employ mechanisms to prevent underage users from seeing such content but with no real form of age verification it is not practical.

Web videos have also become part of social networking profiles; where profile holders place videos for others to view. This has created a direct link between social networking and web videos and increased the popularity of both.

YouTube.com is the most popular video site and it is owned by Alphabet (Google).


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